Room Of Knowledge


Good architecture is the one that adapts to the needs of the population and environment when the previous becomes less applicable in the modern, more fragile present. Education should adjust to the same standards or, even better, be a tool that is accessible to all. The way most education has been taught for decades without change becomes a domino effect that affects future generations. Today information has become easier to access. However, the interaction is still lacking and starting to catch up, but we need to push it to the next level. What if we could develop a better connection with the way we gather knowledge with today’s technology? Elements that concern space, smell, and visualization of an environment that is no longer physically available for us to experience can create a whole experience. ROK fulfills this push to a more immersive way of learning. What if this is the next natural history museum?
Brooklyn Army Terminal,58th St
Cultural center/Harvesting Facility

Luz Wallace