Drowned Memories: Newness, Culture and Architecture

Parting from the studio’s questioning of Newness & Obsolescence in the field of architecture, we look upon the qualities that empower or weaken how we view these two subjects. We recognize that newness brings a sense of the unfamiliar while providing

innovation, while obsolescence gives a sense of familiarity while having a fragile stand through time. For this reason, we wanted the project to find a middle ground between these two concepts, obtaining an ambiguity of sorts that we come to define as anachronistic architecture -Use historical narratives as a way of exploring our project, starting from the point of historical fact, and imbuing newness with a sense of ambiguity and time. With our proposal, we wanted to recognize layers over layers of information lost through time. Questioning two key components, can we use the obsolete to create newness? and can a narrative produce an anachronistic behavior for the sense of preserving the history that makes us?

Lago Caonillas Puerto Rico
Collaborator: Gabriela Calzada